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We are the leader in aversion therapy
By finding ways to standardize the process, more reliable data can be collected and efforts by both the clinician and client can be more specifically directed.

We have designed a very safe, natural, and healthy way of assisting individuals in removing unwanted behavior.  Using all natural herbs and vitamins, we have designed aversive products that will not lose their potency as individuals engage in their path of change.

AversX is an integral part of assisting individuals in changing unwanted behavior.  Research has shown the standardization of aversive stimuli is not taking place and the tools and skills are not being applied consistently by the client.  AversX resolves these issues; we have standardized each application of aversive stimuli and allowed the client to take and apply anywhere without impeding on those around them.

AversX comes in three different applications, our Mouth Spray and Nasal Inhalant both come in a non-aerosol spray container; this has allowed most in-patient and correctional facilities to allow our products to be integrated into their treatment programs.  

Our all new Mouth Strips come in a convenient pocket pouch.  All our products easily fit in a backpack, pocket, or purse for easy client access.  

AversX was originally designed specifically for assisting individuals who struggle with deviant sexual attractions.  It is now been applied to individuals who struggle with pornography addictions.  Research that is currently underway at Universities around the World, is looking at using AversX products with other client populations; such as overeating, smoking, nail biting, and many other repetitive behaviors that wish to be corrected.