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Mouth Spray 1.0oz

Price: $14.99
We have designed a very safe, natural, and healthy way of assisting individuals in stopping unwanted behavior and fantasies. Using all natural herbs and vitamins, we have designed an aversive mouth spray that will not lose its potency for at least 12 months.

Designed to evenly coat the mouth with a single spray, the all natural ingredients cause a very unpleasant taste.  The use of certain herbs allows the taste to "stick" to the tongue and mouth and does not immediately go away. 

The user of the AversX Mouth Spray should immediately apply the spray when they are triggered by a sitatuon or thought.  When the user does this on a consistent basis, the longer term effects show that there is no longer a desire to continue with those unwanted thoughts and they will have a higher chance of avoiding certain situations in the future.

In our STAMP manual, the user is taught how to identify their unwanted behaviors and they learn how to identify the feelings and thoughts that lead up to those unhealthy situations/reactions. 

Each 1 oz bottle is estimated to produce around 160 sprays.

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