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Sex Addiction Treatment Program Workbook

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This workbook has proven time and time again to be effective in helping individuals free themselves from the pain and suffering sex addition brings. This workbook helps discover not only what an individual can do at this moment, but also helps them to find ways to live a very healthy life in the many years to come.

This workbook is designed for indviduals who have a "hands off" sexual offense and can be easlity incorporated into an individual or group setting. 

There are a total of 17 steps (chapters) designed and presented in such a way to assist the client in understanding why they did what they did.  This workbook is about helping the client learn to be accountable, responsible, and how to show integrity in their everyday lives. 

Through our experience in working with hands off offending clients, we have noticed that the vast majority of them are struggling with sexually addictive behaviors and their offending behavior has just been a further manifestation of getting their addiction "fix".  They often struggle with deviant sexual fantasies and get to the point of believing what they did was "no big deal".  It was just another click of the mouse, chat with another person, or part of their addictive "thrill" of finding more images.

This book takes the client through the different stages of recovery. The first step is helping the client fully acknowledge their behaviors - even if the client is in denial, it assists in identifying how they were able to be acused of the crime.  Next is going through the acceptance phase of the process.  Here the client will learn how to accept their behaviors, how to deal with their situation, and what this means to them now and in the future.  The final stage is all about action.  Clients are required to develop growth plans, actions plans, and how to replace their unhealthy immediate thoughts with more productive and healthy ones.  It is important that the client finds a way to give back to society and learn how to participate in a healthy and productive way.

Product Reviews

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Great Book for addictions
Provider (Salem) 8/29/2015 10:37 PM
I use this for my non-offender and my CP patients. Great book. Focuses on empathy and redefines victim for offenders who see CP as victimless crime. A must have, must use for all clinics. Best I have used in over 20 years of providing SO treatment.