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Sex Offender Treatment Program Workbook

Price: $19.99
This workbook is specifically designed for indviduals who have a "hands on" sexual offense and who are under the care of a certified sexual offender therapist. It is not recommended that an individual use this book without proper care.

This book takes the client through the different stages of recovery.  The first step is helping the client fully acknowledge their behaivors - even if the client is in denial, it assists in identifying how they were able to be acused of the crime.  Next is going through the acceptance phase of the process.  Here the client will learn how to accept their behaviors, how to deal with their situation, and what this now means to them now and in the future.  The final stage is all about action.  Clients are required to develop growth plans, actions plans, and how to replace their unhealthy immediate thoughts with more productive and healthy ones.  It is important that the client finds a way to give back to society and learn how to participate in a healthy and productive way.

Dimensions: 11 x 8.5 x .3
174 pages, Large Print

We designed the cover of the manual to be very discreet to not attract attention to the person carrying it.  Privacy and safety of the user is a priority. 

Product Reviews

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Significant in helping inmates
Micheal Seeley, MA, LPC (Wyoming) 4/29/2015 10:25 PM
We use the SOTP workbooks as part of the curriculum for our prison based sex offender treatment program. The workbook is part of the requirements for the Motivational Interviewing stage of the general program. Our program is a 5 stage 3 Phase program, progressing from orientation to treatment to transitions. The MI stage is the last stage of orientation. Upon successful completion of MI, inmates phase up to treatment. The workbook has been significant in helping inmates break their respective cycles of denial necessary for the more individualized aspects of the program. Prior to using the workbook, the treatment groups lacked sophistication, awareness, and motivation for change. Implementing the workbook has resulted in demonstrated movement from the contemplation stage of change to preparation, and for some the action stage of change. We believe the use of the SOTP workbook has been significant in making our program state of the field for residential sex offender treatment.